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What Can We Help With?


    Prioritize the best brands to sell to based on filters like monthly sales, avg product price, rank and more


    Enrich your e-commerce database with verified emails and phone numbers of your ICP


    Once you have your lead list in place, activate outbound channels like Email and LinkedIn 

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Prioritize Your Leads Based On Different Data Points 

 Get 40+ information points for each brand

  • Estimated Monthly Sales
  • Average Product Price
  • Monthly App Spend
  • Products Sold
  • Vendors
  • Current Tech Stack 
  • Company Location
  • Creation Date
  • Rank
  • Industry
  • Employee Count

Activate Outbound Channels

Book sales qualified meetings with top e-commerce brands through customized outreach 

  • Email

    • Inbox Setup
    • Verified Email Lead List
    • Customized Email Content
    • Email Scheduling
    • Campaign Management & Analysis
    • A/B Testing
  • LinkedIn

    • Account Setup
    • LinkedIn Lead List
    • Customized LinkedIn Messages
    • Scheduling Campaigns
    • Campaign Management & Analysis
    • A/B Testing
  • Cold Calling

    • Phone Numbers
    • Dedicated Caller
    • Script Building
    • Connected Calls Tracking
    • A/B Testing

Wait, There's More

Some of our additional e-commerce workflows to get you customized data

  • Data

    Website Scraper

    Scrape e-commerce websites to get details on their products, pricing and more

  • Data

    Instagram Scraper

    Scrape Instagram accounts to get phone numbers of brands whose contact details are not available otherwise

  • data

    Tech Stack Finder

    Find our which companies in your lead list are currently using your competitors product

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